A Student Testimonial

As a teacher, it's a real gift when you find a student who is sincere and dedicated in their practice and inquiry into yoga. A student who comes with a balance of openness and curiosity draws out the embodied understanding of yoga through their questions and the challenges they present, which helps me, as a teacher, integrate those teachings and develop my own way of communicating them effectively. My friend Nelson is a student like this, and he has written a beautiful personal account of our work together. I'm honoured and humbled by his testimony.

If you are interested in working with me one-to-one, please feel free to contact me at hello@brianjamesyoga.com and start the conversation.

Testimonial by Nelson Hawkins

“As a new student and teacher of yoga I have been interested in nothing but the most authentic, safe, and effective methods to build a practice out of. Thanks to Brian’s introduction, I have found a source for these methods in the writings of T. Krishnamacharya and his pupils. 

However, in order to apply these sacred technologies to your own life and practice, Sri Krishnamacharaya recommends that you find an authentic, qualified teacher; one who lives and breathes the practice themselves. Therefore, it has been my great fortune to have Brian accept me as his pupil. 

With Brian it is clear that he has spent a humbling amount of time seeking to understand himself. What is equally as clear, is just how much he has laboured away at the discovery and application of the technologies of yoga to reintegrate his personhood and open his heart to all experience. Brian is genuinely yogic; an authentic Yogi. You can simply tell by how he relates to the world and himself. 

Working with Brian one-to-one via video conferencing is an incredible experience. It provides a unique intimacy with teacher and subject. Unlike having to coordinate and attend a meeting in the same physical space, there is very little discomfort in planning to be and arriving in front of each other every week. It allows me to forget about all of the mundane hassle of arriving to the shared space and lends focus to just getting down to the questions and instruction. I find I am more likely to reach out to him via this medium and am grateful for Brian’s innovativeness in this respect. 

In a very short period of time, Brian has managed to provide me with friendship, sound psychotherapeutic advise and unparalleled yogic guidance. All of which have equally been, and continue to be, life changing experiences. To focus on just one of the three, the personal yoga practice he has helped me develop has proven to be, much like the others, invaluable. He manages to listen to me acutely enough to cater the practice to me, as if he knows my self through a first person vantage. Not to mention he answers my every question, matching, if not exceeding, my level of enthusiasm. The subtle techniques and insights he has gifted me have been remarkably powerful tools in deepening my practice and deepening my understanding. In his work, Brian really does resurrect the magic and profound healing capacity of yoga. You just have to be exposed to his teachings once to feel the real power of the Yogic Transmission.  

Brian’s mentorship and friendship are among my most valued relations. I trust him entirely with my yogic journey and am convinced that he is the perfect facilitator to guide me down the path to healing, integration, and wholeness. I cannot recommend him or his method any higher. You will struggle to find someone more qualified or more sensitive to your individual needs than Brian to deliver you your yoga. I strongly believe he is a torch bearer to the Krishnamacharaya lineage and he stokes the fire cozy, raging and bright! Reach out to him. The proof is in the practice. See for yourself!”

Nelson Hawkins
Colombo, Sri Lanka
May 2018