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Psychedelic Sangha

  • Temple Mile End 5480 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, 2nd Floor Montréal, QC, H2T 1S1 Canada (map)

Psychedelic Sangha: Energy Clearing

Tuesday, June 18 7-9pm


If you’re working with psychedelics you are embarking on the left hand magick path. Unfortunately many people who unknowingly start on this path aren’t being given basic tools for how to work with the powerful energies that psychedelics will inevitably unleash, even when “just” microdosing. Using psychedelics without the basic tools of energy management and cleansing can cause disturbances in the body, mind and energy system. Smudging or using crystals aren’t enough to keep you safe and sane.

In this Psychedelic Sangha I’ll share some fundamental breathwork and visualization practices from the yoga tradition that will help you manage and clear your energy. We’ll also open a safe, confidential space for sharing your experiences and answering any questions you might have. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve been working with psychedelics for a long time or are just beginning your exploration. No prior experience is necessary.

Donation: $10-20 PWYC
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PRACTICE: Explore breathwork and meditation practices that support preparation and integration. Practice honest and humble sharing and compassionate listening.

INQUIRY: Compassionate inquiry circle to process past experiences and set intentions for future experiences. Explore questions around the intersection of spiritual practice and psychedelics; person and society; ecological implications; diversity; accessibility; authority etc. Whatever comes up! All sincere inquiry is welcome.

INTEGRATION: Within a non-judgmental, peer-oriented framework, we hope to offer a safe space for sharing, bearing witness and self-inquiry into how to take what we've learned from our experience and transform it into right action for personal, community and planetary health, peace and well-being.

*We strictly forbid the use and procurement of illegal substances during gatherings, and discourage you from using the circle to promote yourself as a ceremonialist/sitter/guide.

The Psychedelic Sangha is a spiritual collective of psychonauts who share a commitment to spiritual practice (sadhana) and a belief in the value of psychedelic substances.

Our public mission is to facilitate the encounter of psychedelics and sadhana in a spirit of critical dialogue, community-building, and navigational group practice.

We organize and host meet-up Gatherings, immersive Happenings, public talks, group retreats, music performances, film screenings, and more. We are not allied with any particular tradition or school.

Psychedelic Sangha offers a safe and supportive spiritual community with a commitment to discernment, practice, and play.

We offer a refuge for misfit Buddhists, yogis and psychonauts who value both spiritual practice and psychedelic exploration, but are willing to interrogate them both along the path towards greater insight and engaged action.

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