“You gotta have some practice. Otherwise, it’s just going to become a memory. And practice means daily — doing something that evokes something of that experience, connecting to what you saw there.”

— Gabor Maté

1-to-1 Psychedelic Preparation & Integration Counselling

With the growing interest in entheogenic substances (aka “psychedelics”) and Holotropic or shamanic breathwork, comes an increased need for preparatory and integrative practices to empower and guide the participant before, during and after such peak experiences.

Peruvian Amazon, 2017

Because it is itself essentially a shamanic practice, the yoga tradition offers a very clear and relevant context, guide and practical method for dealing with the psycho-spiritual material and intense experiences that can be triggered by shamanic practices and plant medicine ceremonies.

Over the past twenty-plus years, I have experienced profound physical, emotional and spiritual growth and healing through various shamanic practices, including the ceremonial use of entheogenic plant medicines. I strongly believe that my daily yoga practice and the lifestyle which is informed by and supports that practice, helped me prepare for and integrate these peak experiences into my daily life and relationships.

Areas of Focus

• preparing for a safe journey
• stabilizing kundalini awakening
• maintain energetic opening
• understanding your experiences
• integrating insights


$40-75 Sliding Scale (1hr)

• Free Consultation
• Available in-person (Montréal)
• Online via Zoom (worldwide)

Integration Circles

I host regular psychedelic integration circles in Montréal and occasionally in other cities when invited. What make my integration circles unique is the emphasis on daily practice as a way to prepare for, navigate and integrate the psychedelic experience. In every circle we explore the three pillars of Practice, Inquiry & Integration.

PRACTICE: Explore breathwork and meditation practices that support preparation and integration. Practice honest and humble sharing and compassionate listening.

INQUIRY: Compassionate inquiry circle to process past experiences and set intentions for future experiences. Explore questions around the intersection of spiritual practice and psychedelics; person and society; ecological implications; diversity; accessibility; authority etc. Whatever comes up! All sincere inquiry is welcome.

INTEGRATION: Within a non-judgmental, peer-oriented framework, we hope to offer a safe space for sharing, bearing witness and self-inquiry into how to take what we've learned from our experience and transform it into right action for personal, community and planetary health, peace and well-being.

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Shamanic Journeying

For thousands of years, cultures from all over the world have engaged in shamanic practices using sound, sacred plants and drumming for healing, insight and guidance.

In our modern culture, most of us have lost the connection to the ritual spiritual practices of our ancestors and as a result, have lost access to a deep wellof wisdom that is available to each of us, provided we have the right tools.

Our ceremonies with music, drumming and non-psychoactive local plant tinctures are a safe and accessible way to engage in shamanic journeying.


Shamanic drumming induces a gentle trance state that allow us to access the messages and images that lie deep in our subconscious mind, like a form of active dreaming.

When we interpret these messages we tap into a deep well of insight, inspiration and guidance that we can then integrate into our daily life, releasing us from old negative patterns and opening to a fresh perspective.

These sessions are also a safe and effective way to prepare for, or integrate a journey with sacred plant medicines.

Over the years, I’ve found this kind of journeying extremely rich and helpful, and a wonderful compliment to plant medicine journeys.

Currently I offer group Shamanic Journeys as well as individual sessions at my home studio in Montréal. In certain cases, I can come to your home to hold a session with you and/or a small group. Contact me for details.