The Art of Yoga

Yoga offers a complete range of mind, body and breath practices to help us restore and maintain optimal health, wellness and enjoyment of life.

The Art of Yoga is in adapting these ancient tools to our modern lives, and applying them in a way that supports and enriches our whole life.

I can help you develop a simple but effective yoga practice that is tailored to your individual needs and interests. Whether you are interested in yoga for therapy, self-care or spiritual connection, your practice will help you feel more energized, centered and connected to your inherent inner wisdom and sense of peace and well-being.

“There is a right yoga for everyone.”

— Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

The Art of Yoga Approach

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

Tirumalai Krishnamacharya

My practice and teaching is greatly inspired by TKV Desikachar and his father Tirumalai Krishnamacharya, who taught that yoga is for everybody, and innovated an adaptable approach (viniyoga) that is deeply rooted in tradition but accessible and relevant to modern folks who have family and work responsibilities. When we adapt the practice to your needs and goals, it becomes safe, effective and enjoyable.

Whether you are looking to heal physical or emotional pain, overcome anxiety and depression, recover from addiction, or are looking for something you can do every day to feel more healthy, vibrant and alive, there is a right yoga practice for you.

Working together, we’ll develop a personal home practice for you that meets your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and goals, and find a way to integrate it into your daily life as part of your self-care regimen.

In your yoga practice, you’ll learn to master simple but powerful tools that will help you release tension and stress, manage your energy, focus your mind, and centre and ground yourself whenever you need it.

In return for your commitment to take on a daily practice, I’ll provide you with resources and ongoing support via text and email to help keep you on track. We’re in this together!


Private Yoga Sessions

1-to-1 lessons are the best way to develop a personal practice that can meet your specific physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.


We do this through a holistic approach that includes the application of yoga postures, breathing, chanting and meditation, supported by open-hearted dialogue and compassionate support. Following our intro session, I’ll design a practice for you to commit to for at least one week, after which we’ll continue to meet regularly to check in, refine and develop your practice, and speak about any issues that may be coming up.

1-to-1 lessons are for anyone that is looking to take charge of their own personal health and well-being and wants to learn simple and effective tools for resilience, vitality, intimacy and longevity.

Areas of Focus

• general self-care
• physical pain
• emotional trauma
• addiction recovery
• depression & anxiety
• sexual dysfunction
• intimacy in relationships
• stress reduction
• unblocking creativity


$90 Intro Session (1.5 hr)
$75 Follow-Up Sessions (1 hr)
$300 4-Session Package (save $15)
*Sliding scale available for all sessions for those experiencing financial hardship. Contact me for details.

• Free Phone/Email Consultation
• Available in-person (Montréal)
• Online via Zoom (worldwide)
• In your home (add $10 per session)

It’s hard to believe how open and focused I feel after just a month of daily yoga with Brian James! I’ve seen a noticeable improvement in flexibility, balance and strength with a 30 - 45 minute session, every morning in my living room. This practice is demanding and yet, deeply contemplative and grounding. I highly recommend this practice to anyone desiring a powerful moving meditation that brings the soul, mind and body together as One.
— Eric Forbes, San Rafael, California

1-to-1 Teacher Mentoring

Find Clarity and Confidence as a Teacher

Many new teachers who graduate from a typical studio-based training feel overwhelmed by all of the new and sometimes conflicting information they've been handed.

I can help you understand the fundamental concepts of Hatha Yoga, apply them effectively in the teaching of Vinyasa, Pranayama, Mantra and Meditation, and show you how to integrate the practices in a way that will give you the confidence you need to be an effective and valued teacher.

Yoga Teacher Mentoring is for anyone who’s taken a teacher training and is looking for more clarity on the philosophical or practical aspects of yoga, and/or seeking to develop their own personal practice — a requirement for true understanding of what you’re teaching. 

Mentoring Topics

• developing a personal practice
• vinyasa krama (intelligent sequencing)
• yoga philosophy & key concepts
• the ethics of being a teacher
• finding your voice
• beyond asana: learn and effectively teach pranayama, chanting and meditation


$90 Intro Session (1.5 hr)
$75 Follow-Up Sessions (1 hr)
$300 4-Session Package (save $15)
*Sliding scale available for all sessions for those experiencing financial hardship. Contact me for details.

• Free Phone/Email Consultation
• Available in-person (Montréal)
• Online via Zoom (worldwide)
• In your home (add $10 per session)


Workshops & Teacher Training Modules

I offer a number of modules that can be incorporated into teacher trainings, offered as standalone workshops, or combined into weekend and weeklong immersions. 

The Art of Yoga

This course covers the fundamentals of vinyasa krama (appropriate sequencing) as taught by Sri T. Krishnamacharya and his students, based on his core teaching that yoga is to be adapted to an individual’s needs and goals with respect to their age, health, cultural background and other factors.

Through this course, students will learn the key principles that will empower them to design safe, effective, accessible and authentic vinyasa classes. Participants will learn key principles that allow them to adapt and improvise to accommodate for the individual needs of their students. A full spectrum of practices will be covered including asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation.

Throughout the course we’ll cover:

  • The core principles of practice as taught by Krishnamacharya, including instruction on appropriate breathing, dynamic and static asana, and application of bandha.

  • The principles of vinyasa krama in sequencing for general classes and progressing a student safely toward a particular goal.

  • The art of viniyoga, understanding how to adapt key postures to accommodate for special needs.

  • The yoga of sound: key mantras to open and close class; therapeutic use of sound; and what to do when you can’t chant OM.

  • The use of stick figures to design and share sequences.

Learning Objectives:

  • Apply key yogic principles to the practice and teaching of vinyasa yoga.

  • Understand the fundamentals of vinyasa krama (appropriate sequencing).

  • Understand the fundamentals of viniyoga (adapting to the individual).

  • Understand classical models as a guide to constructing a class (ashtanga yoga, panchamaya koshas).

Brian’s Art of Yoga approach to practicing and teaching yoga has opened my eyes to a much more holistic way of sharing yoga with others through my teaching, and adapting my own practice to what I need in the moment. I’ve also learned how to breathe and move with much more awareness. The techniques shared by Brian really “humanize” yoga and make it accessible to everyone. His training has had a profound effect on me and my teaching. It’s taught me that yoga is a practice, not a performance.
— Stephanie, Ottawa Canada

The Yoga of Sound:
Healing Voice Activation

In this module, participants will learn how to integrate the healing power of sound into their practice and classes in a way that is respectful of tradition and the cultural diversity of the students.

In this workshop we'll cover:

  • basic sanskrit pronunciation

  • key principles of vedic chanting

  • integrating sound & movement

  • what to do when you can't chant "om"

  • chants to set intention and cultivate peace and well-being

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