Mahabhuta Sadhana: Elemental Tantrik Yoga


Mahabhuta Sadhana: Elemental Tantrik Yoga


A complete practice of mantra, vinyasa, pranayama and meditation, invoking the great elements, or mahabhutas: earth, water, fire, air and space.

Make this simple but profound practice a daily ritual and start your day feeling energized with a clear head and open heart. Connect to the wonder of nature and remember that you are a wonder of nature!

When you purchase this package you will be given a link to download a PDF that includes:

• Download link for instructional video
• The Principles of Practice that will allow you to access the deep healing possible when you engage in breath & movement as embodied meditation
• Tips for ways to expand and explore the practice
• Beautiful mandala illustrations of the 4 sequences that you can print out for reference

Video Includes:

• Introduction to tantrik yoga and the chakras
• Bija mantras for the elements and chakras
• Demonstration of the 4 elemental vinyasa sequences
• Guided pranayama practice with mantra and visualization

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