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I’m creating an online yoga resource library, podcast and community that you can access for as little as $5/month.

Patreon is like an ongoing Kickstarter campaign, where you can pledge a monthly amount to access high-quality online resources designed to help people like you develop a home yoga practice, and realize my longterm goal of offering low-cost or free teacher trainings for underprivileged people so they can bring yoga into their communities.

Think of it as a mutual support system.

Your subscription helps me purchase new equipment, pay the rent and keep creating practice resources that allow you to practice in the comfort and safety of your home!

Every yoga practice resource I've ever created is now available on Patreon with new content being added every month.

  • Early access to episodes of the Medicine Path Podcast

  • Exclusive access to podcast extras

  • Hours of vinyasa yoga sequences

  • Full yoga workshop recordings

  • Harmonic Movement home practice manual

  • Guided pranayama (breathwork) practices

  • Guided meditations

  • Chanting tutorials

  • Music to accompany your practice

  • Workshop and course resources

  • Livestream Classes

This is the most cost-effective and simplest way for you to access all the content I create.

Harmonic Movement: Vinyasa Yoga for Flexibility, Strength & Mind-Body Harmony

Harmonic Movement is a home practice manual that clearly communicates the art of vinyasa yoga — the linking of mind, body and breath.


The 174-page printable high resolution PDF includes:

  • over 100 pages of vinyasas that you can combine in a multitude of ways

  • examples of movement flows that link complementary postures together

  • complete practice sequences that show you how to put it all together in a way that is safe, effective and enjoyable

Breath is life, move with life!

“Brian James is a dedicated student and teacher of the ancient principles of evolutionary consciousness, healing science and practices of Yoga. In his new manual ‘Harmonic Movement’ he teaches accessible practices and knowledge for all ages and abilities. Thanks Brian for an excellent guide.”
— Danny Paradise,

“Just wanted to let you know how much I have come to appreciate "Harmonic Movement." It has become a valuable home resource. Initially I was impressed with the way the book was organized and the clarity of the language you used. The connection between breath and movement was new to me. I have discovered it has opened pathways for a deeper level of practice. For this I am truly grateful. Thank you.”
— Sharon

Download for only $15
(less than a cost of a typical yoga class)